Find your dream business partner

PartnerMe will match you with а business partner from all over the world. If you want to create a business but don’t have the necessary skills or money, we will match you with a like-minded person who will complement your expertise!

Get an investment

You share your profile in PartnerMe, share your project, a video of you, and your skills. You start matching with investors. After chatting with all of them and negotiating with them, you choose one or more.

Make new business connections

Find and meet new business people. Make new friendships and connections. Learn and get advice from people like you. PartnerMe will help you expand your business network with clients, investors, cofounders, or any business connection.


PartnerMe provides opportunities for business professionals to network and connect through regular events and workshops. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a freelancer, PartnerMe's events and workshops are an ideal way to grow your professional network and make valuable connections in the business community.

Awesome Features

Simple and Easy to Use
You can match and message your future business partner with a few clicks.
Easy to Match
With simple swiping, you can match with several potential business connections and start messaging with them.
Machine Learning
With the power of machine learning, we are showing you the best candidates you can match with.
Free Private Messaging
You receive a private section to exchange ideas and plans.
Easy to Filter
You can type and select many filters to find your perfect business connection or investor.
Multiple partners
You can match with multiple potential business partners for the same company. PartnerMe will create a group chat with all your matched partners, where you can discuss the future partnership in the company.
Easy to Share your Business Idea
You can present your business idea in your profile with just a few clicks.
You can choose which notifications to receive to stay updated all the time.

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