Efficient and Intelligent Matching

PartnerMe uses AI to redefine founder networking, offering a smart, efficient matching system. Only relevant, suitable potential cofounders or business connections are linked to you.

Trust and Transparency

PartnerMe has implemented a robust verification system to foster a genuine networking environment. By promoting transparency and accuracy in user profiles, it reinforces trust among founders and encourages respectful, authentic interactions.

Immediate Personal Engagement

PartnerMe facilitates immediate personal engagement, countering the usual 'cold leads' scenario. Through instant automatic scheduling of video or group calls, immediately after matching, users transition from mere profile matches to active, personal connections.

Real-life Engagement through Live Events

Beyond the virtual connections, PartnerMe enhances the networking experience by regularly organising live events. This integration of online and offline networking elevates the depth and quality of connections made, cultivating a community of founders that truly engage and understand each other.

Awesome Features

Using a ChatGPT-like system, you can describe your background and preferences, and the app will match you with the most suitable candidates.
Calendly Integration
PartnerMe integrates with Calendly, enabling automatic scheduling of video calls and events for seamless user interactions.
Data Import
PartnerMe prioritizes efficiency, enabling seamless data import from LinkedIn for easy profile creation.
Private Text and Voice Messaging
PartnerMe combines text and voice messaging in a private section for easy and efficient exchange of ideas and plans.
PartnerMe ensures a transparent environment by option for verification of users.
User Goals and Roadmap
As part of the profile details, PartnerMe showcases users' goals and roadmaps to foster alignment with potential co-founders and connections.
PartnerMe allows the formation of groups, facilitating multiple connections simultaneously for enhanced networking and collaboration opportunities.
Advanced Filtering and Search
Users have access to a multitude of filters, allowing them to narrow down and find manually exactly the type of professionals they're looking for, which saves time and ensures better matches.
You can choose which notifications to receive to stay updated all the time.
Continuous User Engagement
PartnerMe regularly interacts with its users for feedback, constantly improving the app and implementing new features based on user needs and problem-solving suggestions.

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